2017 Guideliness for CHEH WebsiteTo read the entire CHEH Support Group Guidelines, click here:  2017 CHEH Guidelines for Website

Excerpts regarding Membership, Graduation and Code of Conduct are listed below:


  1. Christian parents who are currently educating their children at home qualify for membership. The completed application with both parents’/guardians’ signature on the statement of faith must be approved by the Sub-Committee. Parents must also agree to Sections 3, 4, and 11 of these Guidelines prior to application approval.
  2. Annual dues are required. Late fee applied after September 1st.
  3. Exceptions will be considered regarding single mothers.
  4. The Mississippi Home Educators Association, (MHEA), shall be considered an honorary member and be sent a copy of membership list. Members may elect to havetheir name removed from the membership list sent to MHEA.


It is the responsibility of each member family to work out the education of their own children. It is highly recommended and a qualification for membership and/or representation by the Home School Legal Defense Association that parents teach at least 51% of the curriculum.

  1. Annual dues must be paid prior to June 1st of the school year. A late charge will be assessed for annual dues paid after September 1st of said school year. Scholarships are available for families with financial hardships. Contact chairman for details.
  2. In order for a family to participate in scheduled CHEH activities, membership dues must be current.
  3. Members are required to comply with the Mississippi Compulsory Attendance Law by submitting a certificate of enrollment with their county attendance officer on or before the date specified by law.
  4. Members are required to participate in at least one area of service as listed on the application.
  5. Families must comply with all CHEH activity policies. See Section 11.
  6. A parent must accompany his or her child/children to any activity. If a parent cannot, a release form transferring responsibilities to another adult must be signed.
  7. In order to participate in the CHEH commencement exercise and/or reception, the family of the graduating student must be a member of CHEH for the entire current school year and take an active part in the planning and executing of the exercise and/or reception. The Sub-Committee will make exception for transferringstudents.
  8. All functions sponsored by CHEH are for members only. Grandparents and ministers are always welcome.
  9. Members shall not give out or share any information from the membership roster to persons or organizations who are not current CHEH members.
  10. Members are to follow the leadership of the person in charge of any activity, and conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all times.
  11. Members are encouraged to meet and interact with attendance officers and other public officials.
  12. Members are expected to volunteer to help set up and clean up any attended CHEH function.
  13. Members are encouraged to participate in the field trips provided in their regional area and volunteer to host these field trips and events.


Prospective graduates and their parents are required to have been active
CHEH members for at least the three years leading up to and including the prospective graduate’s senior year. (Active means participating in CHEH functions such as family/parent events, field trips, and youth loop events. Whether a family and prospective graduate is active or not is determined solely by the application/graduation committee. Participation in approximately one half of CHEH family/parent events and one half of the CHEH Youth Loop events will be used by the application/graduation com-
mittee as a ‘rule of thumb’ to make this determination.)
Any family that was not home schooling for those three years mentioned,
but begins home schooling during the student’s junior year, may petition the application/graduation committee for membership and graduation participation no later than September 1 of the student’s junior year. That fam- ily will need letters of recommendation from two current active CHEH requirement as mention above. The graduate and at least one parent are expected member families before the committee will consider the application and consider participation in graduation. If approved for membership and graduation, that family would be required to pay upfront by September 1 of the senior year, a $100 nonrefundable fee. This new prospective graduate will need to adhere to the same “active” status requirement as mentioned above.

Any family moving into the Hattiesburg area during the student’s junior or senior year will need to provide two letters of recommendation from their previous homeschool support group — one letter being from the chairman of that group and the other letter being from another member of that homeschool support group or their pastor. After the recommendation letters have been received, the application will be considered. If approved, this new prospective graduate will need to adhere to the same “active” status  to attend all graduation planning meetings to the fullest extent possible.


We, the parents, understand that our family is a representative of our home educating support group, home education community, and most important, the Lord Jesus Christ. We, the parents, understand that all the officers are volunteers and are volunteering their time, efforts and energies to benefit our children and us. We respect these volunteers as we should be respected when we volunteer. We agree to conduct ourselves in a reasonable manner when participating in all group activities. This includes (but is not limited to) dressing appropriately, following instructions, respecting authority, careful treatment of property, polite behavior towards others and no smoking, alcohol, drugs, foul language, or obscene gestures. Open displays of romantic affection, i.e. boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, are not appropriate at CHEH functions. Pregnant teenagers are considered to be parents and shall not participate in CHEH student activities. CHEH’s stance is that life begins at conception. CHEH believes that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin, and cannot condone any type of homosexual behavior at any CHEH event. We understand that failure to comply will result in our being asked to refrain from future participation.