Yearly Enrollment

ENROLLMENT CARDS WERE RECENTLY UPDATED and no longer have the option to check ‘no’ to keep our private information from being shared with others.  Just be certain to include the privacy statement that we’ve posted below and call us if you have any questions.

Our state law requires registering our children with the local attendance officers by September 15th each year.  A “brief” description of the curriculum will be necessary.  We usually staple a privacy statement (see below) to our cards and make a copies of everything for our records.  This may be unnecessary with the new cards.  Do call CHEH if you have any questions before you register!!

Attendance Officers

Forrest County  – Hattiesburg/Petal/Dixie Area   Tammy Fowler
Mailing address:  203 Hwy 42, Petal, MS 39465

Lamar County – Lumberton/Oak Grove/Sumrall
Pam Graves  pgraves@mde.k12.ms.us(601) 758-0539  Mailing address:  P. O. Box 904, Sumrall, MS 39482


Privacy Statement:  The attached information is submitted as requested by the Mississippi Department of Education.  It is limited in use by that department and the local Compulsory School Attendance Officer.  It is not to be released to or shared with any other agency, official, or person.